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Review of "The Silent Sales Machine"

Jim Cockrum Author-
"The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay"
#1 Top Seller on ClickBank.com

Overall Rating 5 Stars
Ease of use: 5 Stars
Usefulness: 5 Stars
Value for the price: 5 Stars

So many people are trying to build a web-site and then trying desperately to get traffic to their web-site.

Why not simply go to where the traffic is? Go to ebay! You don't even need a web-site!

What's the secret?

It has to do with the fact that over 40,000 people sign up for ebay.com every day!

The 4th most visited site on the Internet is the online auction site ebay.com and Jim has discovered a simple way to profit from that HUGE volume of traffic. There are over 100 million* members & over 1.5 Billion page views per month on eBay and he's taking full advantage of that traffic. You have never been exposed to ideas like these.

Did you know there are many different products you can sell on ebay.com that are free or nearly free to you, available in unlimited supply, and are very resistant to competition?

Jim says: "I'm a confessed eBay freak! I have been selling on ebay.com since 1997, and I have learned from many ebay.com guru's and creative thinkers. I have over 60,000 people on my email newsletter mailing list as of Summer 2004 and the common goal among all subscribers is making serious money on eBay and on the Internet."

Don't know what to sell on ebay.com?

In his newly updated book is packed full of brand new ideas that he promises to blow your mind. This system puts eBay on autopilot. A part-time effort is truly all it takes to get started on eBay.

The ideas you'll be reading in this book are much more than just "wholesale guides" or auction tips. He doesn't re-hash the same old information you can find in the ebay.com "Help" menu. In the book you will see eBay accounts that makes nearly 100% profit on a products you can have unlimited access to. He wants to give you the tools that will turn the online auction service eBay.com into a money machine.

What are "Silent Sales Machines"?

Jim states: "Along with 400,000* other excited ebay.com fanatics I now make a living using the Internet and eBay. I can go days without ever speaking to a single customer, but I have a world wide customer base. My online business runs like a well oiled machine with a part-time effort!"

There are unlimited ways to set one up using eBay as the fuel.

Silent Sales Machines are virtually free to start and can even be run with little or no maintenance.

They can be "turned on" in less than 30 minutes in some cases.

I've seen some of his testimonials where users of his system are pulling in $600 to $2,000 per month and some were over $200,000 per year off of ebay.com sales.

You could literally be making money from these ideas 30 minutes from now.

You can actually make money on ebay.com auctions selling the same thing that other people aren't making any money selling.

With very little effort you can earn cash from the efforts of others on eBay - and they'll thank you for it!

You may be familiar with the concept of autopilot income. The "Silent Sales Machine" book that Jim has written is just that - a simple autopilot business idea that works.

And it get's better:

Jim says he only puts in about 12-15 hours into starting this one "Silent Sales Machine". then about one hour per month into maintaining it. It's made him about $7,200 last year. That was $300 per hour for THIS ONE MACHINE last year! This year it will make him about $600 per hour because it is already set up! (Not to bad for a "Part-Time Job!!!)

And it doesn't matter where you are or what your doing; that money would keep coming in – and those happy customers would be just as happy (they don't care where you are).

The entire set up was very nearly 100% free using tools readily available to anyone – He actually started making money before he spent a dime; well almost, he did have to run an ebay.com auction.

Ok so now what?

Once Jim determined that his machine was making money he started spending $10 per month to improve it and one of the beauties of eBay is you can test a new idea virtually for free.

Have you heard the term “autopilot business” before? That is a source of income that requires very little or NO effort once it is set up. He shows you how he does it step by step and how you can too.

Many of the autopilot ideas in his book only require a one time set up and then require nearly NO EFFORT (no shipping, mailing, faxing, selling, talking). All he does is answer a handful of customer's email inquiries and get paid.

One of the "BIG" Question your asking yourself:

Will you be able to simply read his book and duplicate his success overnight? Probably not. Nobody knows how your commitmented you are, or your skills, or even your intelligence level.

What I can tell you this though... This book is a TOP SELLER!

In just a few months time this book shot up to be a top selling book on Click Bank! Have you heard of Click Bank? It is the most popular eBook site on the Internet. They have over 40,000 books that they rank in multiple categories based on sales success. Jim is very proud of the success of his book! and he has a right to be!

Here are the 3 simple requirements for a successful “Silent Sales Machine”:

You Must:

-be able to read and follow a step by step guide (have a little spare time to read it...?)
-have a way to accept credit and debit cards from around the world so you can get paid while you are sleeping like he does. There are many options here that he'll tell you about and it doesn't matter what country you live in. Nearly all options are free to set up and have a very low fee per transaction.
-have (or be willing to get) an eBay account AND 'like' selling on ebay.com.
(NOTE: If you hate the thought of selling a few items on ebay.com this isn't for you.)

If you meet those qualifications
That's it!
You're ready!!
Click Here NOW:

What the book isn't:

*-You don’t need a web-site that shows up near the top of search engines. Actually, you don't even need a web-site or search engines. All you need is an eBay account to get started.
*-Jim does not give resell rights to his book. He says: "That's a lame idea that I don't endorse. I don't offer resell rights and you should be very cautious of ever buying resell rights to eBooks. It's a hard way to make money on the Internet."
*-There is no need to buy a merchant account to take credit card orders for you and he'll show you several ways to legally accept payment online without a merchant account. He doesn't use them himself!
*-No need to spend more money to try these ideas out. This book and the normal fees of running an eBay business are your only investment.
*-No need to ship or mail anything you sell with your “Silent Sales Machine”. (If you are already doing shipping and mailing you will have MANY MORE customers though and will likely make even more eBay sales.)
*-There is no downline to build (MLM!), but if you are involved in "Network Marketing" or "multilevel marketing" a simple "Silent Sales Machine" can help you build your organization - He'll show you how!
*-No 500 page manual that teaches you HTML or any other confusing computer language is needed. Although he does give you some great web site resources on my ever-growing resources page.
*-This isn't one of those re-hashed eBooks that are all over the internet. You can only get this book from him. There is no competition for this concept because Jim gave you his own success story in the book. Even if he sells 50,000 books there will be more than enough business for all of us on ebay.com and all the other online auction sites! There are over 40,000 people per day getting on eBay for the first time and as of May 2004 there were over 100 million registered users on ebay.com worldwide!
*-He will show you how to find and protect a niche on ebay.com that you can call your own.
*-These are completely original ideas and He's the original author. You won't find any 'copycat' web sites selling his book.
*-There is nothing illegal, immoral, or unethical about any of this (i.e. this isn't an adult web site idea).
*-No eBay policies are violated.
*-This isn't just an eBay success tool. You can use the concepts with nearly any online auction service.
*-This isn't a book about selling information products. It's MUCH more than that! The book is a roadmap to Internet profits and success using eBay as the fuel. The applications are truly unlimited.

SO -- What's in Jim Cockrum's book? This is a 130+ page eBook delivered immediately via download. The book is in PDF format which can be opened by Acrobat Reader software.


SECTION 1: “The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay”
Summary: The original top selling eBook updated and improved!
Chapter 1 - How to earn money
Chapter 2 - New to ebay.com? YOU HAVE TO READ THIS
Chapter 3 - Collecting payments online
Chapter 4 - One of my Silent Sales Machines
Chapter 5 - Details that make my Silent Sales Machine work
Chapter 6 - Might you need your own product?
Chapter 7 - Improving your machine
Chapter 8 - Resources for your Silent Sales Machine
Chapter 9 - Start your machine without writing anything
Chapter 10 - Huge mailing lists using ebay.com leads
Chapter 11 - How to make money with this book
SECTION 2: What should I sell on ebay.com?
Summary: A collection of the best and most creative ideas submitted by the thousands of readers of Jim’s free newsletter “Creative eBay Selling”.
Chapter 12 - Creating money from thin air on ebay.com
Chapter 13 - Creating money with other people’s stuff
Chapter 14 - Free and really cheap stuff that sells well on ebay.com
SECTION 3: Power tips for eBay sellers
Summary: A collection of insider tips and tricks as well as creative ideas that will help you maximize the profits you earn from your ebay.com and online business.
Chapter 15: Tips for sellers that you won’t find on ebay.com
Bonus articles:
Article 1: Become a POWER affiliate - huge hands free profits
Article 2: Tapping into the power of Joint Ventures.
Article 3: Profiting from ebay.com in creative ways
Article 4: The two simple steps to MASSIVE success

Do you need this book?

One of the keys to the system is the INFORMATION AGE we are living in and people are willing and ready to pay for accurate, timely, reliable information on just about any topic under the sun.

It's a fact that most people shopping on eBay or any other web-site are looking for more information (many of them may not even realize it, but they are)!

By the way – you don’t have to just set up "Silent Sales Machines" for yourself. You can help out any of the thousands of prime candidates waiting for you on ebay.com. He'll show you how he finds them and how you can too.

There are many ebay.com 'POWER SELLERS' that are ideal to partner with and start earning residual income together. They'll have no good reason not to and it doesn't cost either of you a penny to try! He'll show you how to find and partner with them.

His book is a step by step guide to putting money in your pocket. - it doesn’t matter if you barely know how to do email, or if you are an HTML pro.

You "DO" have a choice...

It’s fun to sell on ebay.com. I firmly believe it is the best simple home based business opportunity of our time. You can try to figure it all out yourself and you just might join the thousands of other sellers that are making a decent side income on eBay in their spare time...


Spend less time shipping, mailing, calling, faxing, collecting money, leaving feedback etc. and make the same money or a whole lot more with a whole lot less effort by creating "Silent Sales Machines" on eBay.

Where do you want to be financially in 1 year? What's your plan to get there?

This system works and he's living proof of it everyday.

Do I personally have a copy? -- What are you? NUTS?! You better know I do. Do you think I'm going to sit back and let thousands of passive dollars slip by me?

For the little bit he charges for this book -- just a couple of transactions and it's paid for.

Click here to Order Now

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