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Review of the ClickLocker Service Program

Great news for you!
A major upgrade!
ClickLocker 2.1 is available now.

"ClickLocker Service Program"
  • Overall Rating: 5 Stars
  • Ease of Use: 5 Stars
  • Usefulness: 5 Stars
  • Value for Price: 5 Stars

Here's a short list of the new features:

  • - One license is only allowed to be used on a single computer.
    Once a license is used on one computer it will won't work on another computer. In this case no one can share your program with their friends or families once the license for that program is used.
  • -Setting a time limit!
    If you set your program to only work in a length of period, the locked software will expire even the user never gets online again after it is registered. The previous version requires user to be online so the server can terminate the program from remote.
  • -It's buy now or goodbye now!
    You can set up your own buy message to be displayed once the software expires. Your messages could be something like 'Purchase today and you will get 20% off'. You can change this message under your account anytime without relocking the file.
  • -Automatically let your customers know you have an upgrade!
    It will be able to detect that if the locked version of your software is lower then the version currently available. for example, if your locked software is 1.1, then later you have 1.2 available, all you have to do is to configure you product and specify the current version is 1.2 under your account on the server. Then when your user is running your locked software the ClickLocker will detect that your user is running a lower version and it will remind the user to upgrade.
  • -Custom upgrade messages!
    You can set up your own upgrade message under your account for user to see when the upgrade is available. Now you can display a message like ' IF the version you are using is older then current version. Please upgrade. '
  • - Three buttons are implemented on the ClickLocker Panel.
    These three buttons are:
    • Product Info button
    • Buy Button
    • SupportButton.

    You can either choose to enable or disable any one of these buttons at the time you lock the file. Those three buttons will take your user to the URLs you configured in your product configuration under your account.
  • - Now you can use your own icon file instead of the ClickLocker icon.
    If you are locking an EXE file then the locked EXE file will now use your own original icon instead of ClickLocker icon which was restricted by the previous version of ClickLocker.

If you have ANY Downloadable/Digital Programs/Products and you're constantly getting ripped off by hackers/hijackers and pirates... YOU NEED THIS SERVICE!

At last, you can terminate illegally distributed copies of your products from a simple web-based interface and revoke access to your product if someone asks for a refund.

It doesn't matter what format your digital product is in (EXE, PDF, even JPEG), or what payment processor you use ("ClickBank", Paypal, 2CheckOut, or even your own merchant account), They have developed a little system you can integrate seamlessly in a matter of seconds with absolutely no programming experience!

Let's say you sold your widget program to customer "A"; but he's got lots of friends that want your program as well. So Customer "A" gives out your program to 5 other people. How would you know?

With the ClickLocker service you can see everyone that is using your widget product by a unique serial number generated by CL, so if you see 6 people all using the same serial number you can "SHUTDOWN" that account with a click of the mouse!

What about the customer that wants a refund, but keeps on using your product?? Again with CL you can turn off your software with the click of the mouse.

You can't afford to be without this valuable service program.

You can get the full story here: