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So what's the real story about this Longevinex® miracle pill?


Well we're going to find out if it's
the truth or a lot of "PR" hype!

After many emails back and forth with Bill Sardi, (developer/partner of this Longevinex®
product), I've decided to give it a 90 day trial and see just what it could do for my diabetes.
(I'll update this page as I have the results.)

Now if you think this is a cheap experiment.... It's not!

All the vitamins and suppliments for a 90 day supply ran $305.00 and his Longevinex®
ran about $115.00

Sardi made a ton of recommendations, and this is where the red flags/concerns come into play.

First he tells me to stop eating all breads/pasta/fruit sugars.... Well that just killed 90% of my diet!

Then he tells me to stop taking almost every one of my prescriptions!
▶  Amaryl
▶  Liptor
▶  Cozaar
▶  and about 4 others rx's
▶  my daily aspirin

Well within three day my BSL's (Blood Sugar Levels) went thru the roof!!! From being below 130 I was now hitting the mid to high 300's!!!! Guess what, I'm back on all my prescriptions.

So, I fired off another email asking him for a timeline as to how long it will take to see an improvement? And what did I get!?
"Quote:Well, I can't play doctor from afar.Unquote"

SAY WHAT??? "HE" was the one telling me to stop taking all my rx meds!


He never did say anything as to how long it would take.

Here's all the pills he's got me taking, 34 pills

All the pills

Now I heard him on the Coast-2-Coast Radio show and the more I thought about the storyline he was telling.... I had to go back and listen to it again.

YUP! To me it's a made up PR-BS story.

What he was saying is: He had an 80 year old man that was taking Longevinex® "For NO particular Reason" He was just taking it to encourage his wife to take it.

Yeah.... Right; The man bought twice as many pills/taking another pill "For No Reason"?......Does this make sense?

But now the plot thickens -- Now the man is a diabetic/has heart problem/eye problems. He goes in for his A1C lab test and the doctor comes in and tells him that he is no longer a diabetic... he's CURED!!

Just looking at the diabetes part. Here's my problem with this:

ANY diabetic that is watching his BSL's (sugar Levels), has to check it at least once a day and most check it 3 times a day, so they know how much insulin to take.

Why didn't he see that his BSL readings were all normal for weeks/months!? No diabetic would take a shot if his readings are normal; to do that they would have crashed and ended up in the hospital.

Now getting back to me and my test run; At the time of this writing I'm in week #5 and the only change I see is my BSL's are running about 20 points higher.

Stay tuned for the next installment, (month#2).

Well it’s been a LONG 60 days and
I’m really getting sick and tried
of take all these pills.

What’s been happening!?!?! Nothing good that’s for sure.
I’ve had to order another 45 BUCKS in more vitamins.

I have NOT seen ANY change or improvements; in fact just the
opposite, my BSL readings have gone “UP” not down… I’m now
running 160 to 175 instead of at/or below the 125/135 levels.

DAM! Will I be glad when this test is over and I can get back to
eating real food. I feel like I’m living on just the vitamins and
supplements instead of food.

I sure don’t hold out much hope in seeing any improvements in
the next 30 days, but I’ve paid for all this stuff so I’m going to
use them up even if it goes on past the 90 day mark.

I sure won’t miss coughing/ gagging/ choking on some of those
monster pills. Some are almost an inch long and look like a
football shape.

I’ll be back at the end of April with the final results.

Grandpa Bill

OH! I just got a phone call threating me with a cease and
desist order for telling my story.... A TOTAL violation of
my rights of "FREEDOM OF SPEECH"!

I am telling everyone about "MY" Experiences ONLY and
what this product and all the recommended vitamins and
supplements has done for me.

Well I went way over the 90 days, in fact I went over 120 days of that miracle pill.


So What was the final outcome of this test?!?!? Nothing good that's for sure.

For one big factor is the cost!

This test has set me back about $700.00 over my prescriptions.

My BSL (Blood-Sugar-Levels) hit a high of 400 with a final averaging around
250/280 and I'm still working on getting it back down into the 125/135 range.

Needless to say my doctor was not happy about this experiment and he just
might be checking out the man giving medical advice without a licence.(I
personally don't know for sure one way or another.) ie: Telling me to stop
taking my diabetic prescriptions as well as other prescriptions. (And I still
have all the emails to prove it!)

I just took another reading and I'm at 189 @ 2:45 AM. Looks like I need another shot.

(Thank You Longevinex -- "NOT"!)

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