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Dave Mann, provides factual information that you can use right away to increase your vehicles performance, longevity and durability and save money. He completely debunks the popular myth that 3000 mile oil changes are required.

The vehicle and petroleum industry is counting on you NOT learning what is included in his eye opening book. Becoming an informed consumer and never again be taken advantage of in the lubrication servicing of your vehicle.

Get the information and answers you need to all your vehicle lubrication and filtrations questions right here, from an expert. He has devoted his entire professional career to the subject of motor oils and filtration as well as car and truck engineering. You will be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable resource on this subject anywhere at any price.

The information presented in his book is fully supported and documented by an extensive list of over 40 engineering books, scientists, chemists and engineers. Each one of these sources is identified in the
appendix of his ebook.

For example, he completely debunks numerous common myths. Here's just a few of the more common questions he discusses (his book goes into specific facts and details for each of these subjects, plus many more)

  1. Black oil is dirty oil and must be changed: FALSE

  2. Synthetic oil is not compatible with petroleum oil: FALSE

  3. Once you change to synthetic you can never change back: FALSE

  4. Synthetic motor oils damage seals and causes leaks: FALSE

  5. You can only change to synthetic motor oil after "break-in": FALSE

  6. Synthetic oil is too "slippery": FALSE

  7. Using synthetic motor oil and not changing it according to your
    manufacturers recommendations will void your warranty: FALSE

  8. Synthetic motor oils will not reduce oil consumption: FALSE

  9. Synthetic oils will cause wet clutches to slip: FALSE

  10. Your change oil light is on so that means the oil is dirty and must
    be changed regardless of the type of oil used: FALSE

  11. Aftermarket oil additives are beneficial: FALSE

  12. The API insignia means the oil is the ultimate in high quality: FALSE

To read the complete story about this book and his table of contents: "CLICK HERE!"

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