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Review of "The Super Affiliate Handbook"

Overall Rating 5 Stars
Ease of use: 5 Stars
Usefulness: 5 Stars
Value for the price: 5 Stars

If you are really ready to start enjoying a financially independent life by working from home on your computer, you're in the right place. -- Says Rosalind Gardner

Rosalind Gardner earned 100% of her income from the 'Net. Between 1997 and 2001, and she "ONLY" promoted affiliate programs.

Rosalind says: "YOU CAN DO IT TOO! I'm here to help you do just that. My new ebook explains in detail exactly what I do to make tens of thousands of dollars every month using my computer, the Internet and affiliate programs."

"I got connected to the 'Net and I'm no genius. You certainly don't need an MBA to do business on the web, but it didn't take long before I saw the potential for a fun and lucrative home-based business using the 'Net."

She should know. She had ZERO business experience when starting out.

For 20 years before starting her Internet business, she worked for the government, as an air traffic controller. She knew she wasn't going to make it to retirement in that occupation. She says, "The crazy shifts were making me sick, so I had to do something to secure my future so that I could quit before the job killed me."

Now that's enough to motivate anyone and Just TWO years after she started to 'play' with web sites, she quit her nerve racking job as an air traffic controller. All she had was the desire to become my own boss, and HUGE motivation to make some good money to make up for the retirement plan she was going to give up.

So just how successful is the Lady?

Her affiliate sites have been so lucrative that they've been profiled in many venues. Interviews appear in Corey Rudl's 'Secrets to Their Success', and Jason Anderson's 'Achieve Net Profits' as well as in glossy magazines such as 'Six Figure Income Magazine'

In one of her affiliate sites she reviewed a number of Internet dating services that all have affiliate programs, including Match.com and OneandOnly.com, (both owned by TicketMaster), and after the Affiliate Manager at Match.com read the Super Affiliate Handbook, she decided to recommend the Handbook to her other affiliates. Affiliate marketing can be as easy as you want it to be!

When she quit her day job in 2000, her sites were raking in $30,000 to 50,000 US dollars EACH and EVERY month. Last year she earned $436,797, ($657,801 Canadian), only by affiliating with Internet merchants and selling their products.

She really knows what she's talking about; as the publisher of the 'Net Profits Coach' newsletter and a one-on-one Internet marketing consultant, She hears all of the 'How do I?' questions.

Rosalind's Ebook: "The Super Affiliate Handbook" answers all the important questions and many, many more.

Here's some examples:

  • You get 267 information-packed pages of practical tips and real-life examples.

  • "How To" strategies to save you money, time, and effort while building your affiliate marketing business.

  • Get an easy-to-understand 10-step overview of the business-building process.

  • Learn why 'mini-sites' don't work in affiliate marketing.

  • Discover the top 25 mistakes that 'normal' affiliates make, and how to AVOID them.

  • How to create a web site that keeps visitors coming back for more.

  • 29 ways to market your affiliate sites online and off.

  • Why you must stay away from the 'flea market' approach to Internet marketing.

  • How to assess a market for profitabilty .

  • Discover which products are actually sold online.

  • Learn which programs to avoid and when to drop others .

  • Where to find free software that saves both money and time.

  • Learn how to negotiate a raise in your commissions.

  • Discover exactly which qualities and actions set super affiliates apart from their less productive counterparts.

  • Learn how to stop Internet Thieves from Stealing YOUR Commissions.

  • Discover the features your web host must have to get the best value for your buck.

...and there's ... MUCH MORE!

What will You learn:

*- Which 6 factors you MUST consider when choosing a domain name.

*- How to Promote Associate Programs and Products with a Newsletter.

*- How to use Signature Files to Gain MORE Visitors.

*- How Forums can bring you more traffic.

*- Learn which methods bring traffic to your site FAST.

*- 9 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Site for FREE.

*- The TRUTH about reciprocal linking.

*- How writing a simple ezine article can bring more traffic to your site for FREE.

*- How to Get MORE sales from YOUR site even though you are selling the same product as thousands of other affiliates.

*- Learn EXACTLY what Super Affiliates do that other affiliates don't do.

*- 6 Essential Components that EVERY successful web site has in place.

*- The 20 questions that You MUST get answers to BEFORE you join an affiliate program.

*- My favorite places to advertise.

*- Learn how one simple piece of software finds profitable niche topics and save HOURS, even DAYS of manual labor.

*- How to write a product endorsement.

*- Why you don't want to use the marketing material provided by some affiliate programs.

OK!? All this information is "All-Well-and-Good"

"BUT" who's going to let "YOU" (John & Mary Average 'net-surfer) sell their products???

Well take a look at this short list of companies that want YOU to promote their products!

This is just a sampling of the BIG brand-name companies that use affiliate programs to promote their products online:

  • Barnes & Noble
  • Dell
  • Discover Card
  • Dollar Rent-a-Car
  • eBay
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Gateway
  • Gap
  • New York Times
  • NBC
  • Old Navy
  • Patagonia
  • PayLess Shoes
  • PetSmart
  • SONY
  • Sports Authority
  • Staples
  • TimeLife
  • USA Today
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Weight Watchers
  • Stop and think about all the different types/brands of products you have right in your own home. From the carpet on your floor to the lightbulbs on the ceiling.... From your shoes to your cap... Everything you buy/consume probably has an affiliate program that you can sign up for.

    What about your hobbies???

    Let's take "Rollerblading" -- the skates are just the first part.... then you've got the elbow & kneepads, the gloves and the helmets..... do reviews of the different models of skates and full your site with affiliate links to all the accessories.....

    Overall Rosalinds right on the money and she got the track record and income to prove that it can and does works.

    You can check out her newest Ebook HERE:

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